Youth Leadership

Youth Resources – Learn about opportunities for youth through upcoming events, volunteering, and programming. In and out of school, Safe & Sound can help get youth connected to opportunities.

Who is your youth organizer?

Milwaukee Police District 2: Andrea Romo-Ureno

Milwaukee Police District 3:

Milwaukee Police District 4: Lanisia Hopkins

Milwaukee Police District 5: Tyler Odeneal

Milwaukee Police District 7: Miracle Holmes

Reach out to your Youth Organizer for the following:

Youth organizers, in accordance with a youth and resident driven safety plan, support youth-led initiatives. These efforts will aim to enhance safety and reduce crime. The youth organizer will support these youth activities, clearing the way for youth to impact the community and help to bridge the intergenerational gap between youth and adult residents. The ultimate goal will be to increase youth collective efficacy in the neighborhoods, connecting youth to their community and empowering them to enact the change they’d like to see.