Neighborhood Beautification

Safe & Sound provides a valuable service to the City of Milwaukee residents by conducting Pre DNS alerts. The Department of Neighborhood Services (DNS) offer a variety of resources, incentives and information to help residents research or improve their properties. Pre-DNS alert requires the community organizer to take note of blight related issues that include dumping, excessive trash, illegal parking, too tall grass, encroaching bushes/trees, and informs residents of the infractions.  The goal of the alert is to keep residents from getting fined by letting them know of a potential issue on their property before the city is notified. Organizers talk to residents and coach them on who to contact, and how to abate those issues. The resident has three weeks to abate the issue on their property before the organizer comes back out to inspect.


There are 8 different issues that can be noted from the alert:

  1. Remove and bag the garbage/rubbish from the yard. Place it in green garbage cart of take it to a Drop Off Center.
  2. Remove tires and take them to the Drop Off Center.
  3. Remove yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, branches). Do not place in garbage cart. Take to a Drop Off Center.
  4. Place old furniture and mattresses at the garbage cart pick up point or call 286-CITY for a special pick up. (for appliances you must call a private contractor that removes garbage.)
  5. Remove junk vehicles or place in a fully enclosed garage.
  6. Cut the grass and/or weeds on the property.
  7. Remove the garbage and debris from the recycle container or cart.
  8. Return your garbage and recycling carts to your yard. (Do not leave in alley, sidewalk, or street.)

Drop Off Center Locations: 6660 N Industrial Rd.  OR 3879 W Lincoln Ave

Call 286-CITY (2489) or visit for current Drop Off Center hours of operation.

Do you have an issue you wish to report? We encourage Milwaukee residents to download the MKE Mobile Action App to submit your request.


Need help navigating the app or submitting a report? Contact your Community Organizer and they can assist!