Who is your neighborhood safety coordinator?

The Neighborhood Safety Coordinator’s (NSC) chief responsibility is to assist in the process of information gathering, organization and reporting leading to the abatement of Community Prosecution Unit (CPU) reported nuisances, including drug, gang, prostitution, graffiti and other civil and criminal issues that arise in and around properties located within the assigned Milwaukee Police District. In addition, the NSC works with Safe & Sound staff, the Community Prosecutors, the MPD and community-based organizations planning and coordinating community forums, landlord meetings, block watch meetings and community collaborations that orient residents, families and businesses on the nuisance abatement process. The NSC also provides resources and advocacy to encourage crime prevention, gang prevention and crime awareness.


Who is your Neighborhood Safety Coordinator (NSC)?

Milwaukee Police District 2 – Araceli Arevalo

Milwaukee Police District 3 – Selenia Rodriguez

Milwaukee Police District 4 – Esmeralda Cruz

Milwaukee Police District 5 – Brittany McKinney

Milwaukee Police District 7 – Tenia Keller