Safe & Sound Issues Statement Regarding George Floyd’s Death



Contact: Sarah Bloom

Safe & Sound Issues Statement Regarding George Floyd’s Death


Milwaukee, WI – As a resident focused organization, Safe & Sound recognizes that silence is complicity. We are frustrated, angry, and extremely saddened by the death of George Floyd, and unfortunately, not shocked. Injustices like this have become an all too common facet of daily life for African Americans and people of color in our country and in Milwaukee. As a community we are continuing to struggle from the effects of COVID-19, which has so far disproportionately affected communities of color, while at the same time we are now trying to process and heal from another senseless killing of an unarmed black man.

Safe & Sound staff have a firsthand view each day of how the effects of racism and disinvestment in our neighborhoods have affected black people and communities of color in Milwaukee. We understand the frustration and anger that has led to the protest and subsequent looting this weekend. Although we do not condone the actions that have caused damage to our neighborhoods – the places where we live and work, we do support the strength and unity from many different communities and races that have been on display in protests around the city this past weekend.

As an organization, it is incumbent on us to do more. We must go beyond our current and past efforts in order to address the root causes and systems that perpetuate these issues, while working within our mission to ensure the neighborhoods we serve have the resources and strength to grow and thrive moving forward.

We also recognize that we have a unique relationship and partnership with the Milwaukee Police Department, and pledge to do everything within our mission to work with them as partners to ensure a lens of equity and empathy is brought to the work of both organizations as we engage with residents in our neighborhoods. We look forward to the challenge of continuing to look for tangible and inclusive ways to foster, and as needed restore, a healthy relationship between law enforcement and communities of color in Milwaukee.

Safe & Sound’s vision is a safe neighborhood for everyone in Milwaukee, and we will continue our necessary work until that vision is realized and EVERYONE can feel safe.





Safe & Sound is a Milwaukee non-profit that works to bridge the gap between law enforcement and local residents to foster a sense of ownership that results in safer neighborhoods. In partnership with law enforcement, Safe & Sound neighborhood teams implement strategic neighborhood engagement and programming that brings neighbors together to create a sense of collective efficacy and improve public safety. Throughout the past 20 years, Safe & Sound has been a nationally recognized, effective model that is successful in improving public safety in targeted Milwaukee neighborhoods. Please visit for more information.