Community Resources

Community Resources - Stay up to date with upcoming events, community meetings, and opportunities to get involved in your neighborhood. 


Who is your community organizer?


Clarke Square and Layton Boulevard West: 

Midtown and Metcalfe Park: Elizabeth Banks

Westlawn and Thurston Woods: 

Amani and Harambee: Mary Berkhalter

Sherman Park and Parklawn: 


Reach out to your community organizer for the following:

Resident complaints may include drug, sex trafficking, and other civil and criminal issues that arise in and around properties located within the assigned Safe & Sound sector(s). In addition, the Community Organizer works with other Safe & Sound staff, the Community Prosecutors, the MPD and other community-based organizations to plan and coordinate community forums, block watch meetings and other community collaborations which orient residents, families and businesses on the nuisance abatement process and provide resources and advocacy to encourage crime prevention, gang prevention and crime awareness. Community Organizers also serve as a technical and planning resource for community anticrime events and initiatives