Grace Arend

Development & Events Manager

Araceli Arevalo

District 2 Neighborhood Safety Coordinator

Elizabeth Banks

District 3 Community Organizer

Sarah Bloom

Development & PR Manager

Kenyatta Bryant

District 3 Neighborhood Safety Coordinator

Libby Cable

Operations Administrator

Ashley Campbell

District 4 Youth Organizer

Asia Carter

Development Associate

Brooks Griffin

District 5 Youth Organizer

Tyler Hadley

District 3 Youth Organizer

Joe’Mar Hooper

Executive Director

Danielle Johnson

District 7 Community Organizer

Mark Lisowski

District 5 Community Organizer

Arielle Mayer

District 2 Youth Organizer

Benjamin Porter

Public Policy Associate

Bridget Robinson

Senior Director of Operations & Administration

Beth Rosenow

District 4 Neighborhood Safety Coordinator

Brad Rutter

District 2 Community Organizer

Max Schaeffer

District 4 Community Organizer

Theresa Scott

District 5 Neighborhood Safety Coordinator

Damien Smith

Youth Program Manager

Adrian Spencer

Drug Free Communities Manager

Bree Spencer

Director of Technical Assistance & Evaluation

Diamond Thompson

District 7 Youth Organizer

Maritza Ugarte

Neighborhood Safety Program Manager

Rebecca Wayman

District 7 Neighborhood Safety Coordinator

Zoë Whorrall

Drug Free Communities Organizer